Friday, July 1, 2011

Days at the hospital

The days here go slow and somehow the nights are even slower than the days. Technically today we are on Day B.

Jackson is on high intensity chemo and nausea, vomiting, bone pain, skin aches like a sunburn, and mouth sores are all things Jack is dealing with right now.

Only 2 days ago he was a different kid, riding a bike through the halls of this hospital.

Today we will cheer if he eats anything. Yesterday he only ate a few bites of a sandwich but threw it up hours later. He can't even keep water down.

We knew this would be tough but never this tough.


  1. I know I don't know you that well yet, I know you don't know me that well yet, but I am reading this post and just crying. I will never know how you feel, but I just ache for you. Please know that you and your family are always in my prayers and my thoughts. I wish there was more any of us could do to make this easier or take away the pain each of you are experiencing. Love, Amy Schmidt

  2. My heart just breaks for you guys. I wish I could do more than just say I'm sorry. I pray for you and Jackson is on my mind always. We all love that kid and your cute family.

  3. Connie,
    Pres. Schmidt told me about Jackson's diagnosis and the fight you have ahead of you. I am praying for your family.
    Cindy Johnson (Stake RS)

  4. Connie,
    I want to just wrap my arms around your family and give them a big hug and then I want to take away all the yuckiness that you are going through. I want to so bad, but I can't take it away. All I can do is pray for you and try to help you in any other way possible. You have a very special family and we love you. Please give Jackson a hug from us.

    Tori Bradford

  5. Sending you love, and wishing there was some way to help take away some of the hurt. We are praying and praying for you.


Thank you for taking time to comment. I read each and every comment to Jackson and they brighten his spirits. He loves that you are supporting him through reading his blog.