Friday, July 22, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Home. There's no place like home. What a true statement.

I was thinking about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz last night as I was falling asleep. Here she was in a new, and scary place and she has to fight to find her way back home. She follows the yellow brick road which is hard at times, but along the way she meets new friends and they make her trip bearable. I feel so much like Dorothy. We're on a new path and at times it is scary, but already along our way we have been meeting new friends that have encouraged us. The Emerald City that we are trying to get to is the "Cancer Free" stage. Remission. Maintenance.

Right now the yellow brick road seems very long, and still it is a bit scary.

We've been home now going on 4 days. It is amazing how much peace and joy we find in our home.

Tuesday night when we came home Jackson immediately wanted to play with his Lightning McQueen race track. Brian set it up downstairs, then came to talk to me while I cooked dinner. While we were upstairs, we could hear Jackson yelling at Hailey "No Hai- DON'T TOUCH THAT!" I looked at Brian when I heard the yelling downstairs and I said that it was like music to my ears- he promptly agreed. Then we laughed, because what kind of parents are we that we enjoy hearing our kids fighting?!

Our time at home so far has been pretty low key. We stay at home most of the time, but every night we have gone for a walk around the neighborhood, and we've been on some bike rides (Jackson and Hailey in the bike trailer). Yesterday we went and saw Cars 2 again and Jackson was in heaven.

Energy and health wise it has been different than I expected. Jackson gets tired very easy. The first day home he got home from the bike ride in the trailer and he was exhausted- he took a nap most of the remainder of the day. He even fell asleep on our evening wagon ride. Eating has been a struggle for Jackson too. Nothing sounds good, but usually when something does sound good it doesn't taste good. Very often when he does eat he ends up throwing up everything. He is getting so skinny and I worry about that more than I share.

Each day he seems to have a little bit more energy. This morning he actually rode his bike to our neighbors house next door and then back. He may have over done it a little bit, but it sure did my heart good to see him on his bike.

Here we are, on the yellow brick road. We are finding fields of poppies, and also scary forests. Together we'll walk hand in hand and we'll see where this road takes us. But for now, we are enjoying our break from the road and relishing in being home.

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  1. I can't begin to tell you how good it has been to see you all outside, in the front yard, hanging out like usual. :) I'm so glad you are all 4 together, under one roof, and that the roof you're all under is ontop of your own home!! Hugs, kisses, and as always, well wishes (from next door)!


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