Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Jackson wasn't as grumpy and demanding as he has been the last few days. He wasn't in as much pain as he has been in, and he had more energy.

He and I were able to hang out together, play hospital BINGO again, do some crafts, watch some television and just talk. I am convinced I have the sweetest boy on earth.

When Brian and Hailey got up to the hospital today Jackson got out of bed and onto the floor to give Hailey a big hug. What a sweet moment. It was so nice to see him be able to move around a bit under his own will and power.

Even though this is a tough road we are still finding joy in our journey- the picture above is proof of our joy. I have recently been meeting several moms of other kids that have cancer. One of those moms gave me a new perspective on our journey. It is a perspective that I appreciate and now hold dear. It is so accurate as to how I feel.

At first you are pushed off of a cliff, from your normal life, free falling and everything is insane. You are scared, unsure, panicked. Then you land and spend a good amount of time trying to get back up the cliff to continue on the path you were once on, the "normal" path. Eventually you realize you won't ever get back up there, no matter how badly you want to, so you start walking down this other path of cancer, and try and look for the beauty here too. It's not the same, but it's the only path available to walk.


  1. Yes you do have the sweetest boy. Glad he had such a good day!!!!! Let's keep them coming!!!

  2. yay! for seeing him out of bed. I LOVE his sweet relationship with Hailey.


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