Thursday, July 7, 2011

Platelets and Bingo

Yesterday we had more "good" time than we have in the last several days. We were finally able to get some of his pain under control, and for a few hours he perked up a little bit. In the morning we joined in the hospital wide game of BINGO. And later in the day some of Jackson's best buds came to visit him.

The hospital has a television channel that they broadcast a live BINGO game every Wednesday morning. The volunteers bring BINGO cards around to each child's room and Jackson gets to play from the comfort of his bed. They play two different games, the first is just plain BINGO, and the second is "Blackout". The volunteers announce every child's name who is playing, and every time they say Jackson's name he thinks he is famous.

During BINGO, they actually call out EVERY single option, so every child is a winner. If your child has a letter request, or a joke, or gets a BINGO, you can call in and they share the joke, or the success of the BINGO on air. After the game is over, but before lunch the volunteers bring prizes around for the kids that played. Yesterday Jackson won a car... a car that looks almost identical to the car he won last week. We really enjoy the BINGO hour, but by about half way through yesterday Jackson was exhausted, and I ended up playing by myself.

Yesterday was a first for Jackson. In fact, almost everyday brings a new first for us. But yesterday Jackson got his first platelet transfusion. Platelets are part of your blood that allows for clotting to happen. Jackson's platelets were very low, and they didn't like how low they had gotten, so he got his first transfusion.

The platelets are yellow like cloudy honey and it took about an hour to get the 8oz bag into my little boy. It was really weird for me to know that some stranger donated these platelets- perhaps to make a little extra money, and they helped to save my son's life. I am pretty sure I'm going to become a better blood donor.

Yesterday marked our half way mark... half way through our first round of Chemo.


  1. That's good Jackson was able to play Bingo for a bit. I bet he did really well:) I hope you more more "Good" days to come. We're excited to see you guys in a couple days, especially you Jack!

  2. Its good to see that he is having some good moments. Its was hard to see him so tired the other day when we stopped in. We are coming up soon. Sam want to see him again.

  3. Yaee that its halfway through the first round. I cant believe everything you guys have been through in such a short time. We are big Jackson fans for sure:D Love you guys!!

  4. If you have to be anywhere, I'm so glad you're at Primary Children's. Love you guys!


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