Monday, July 18, 2011

Good days are here again!

The last few days have been wonderful! Jackson has been fever free, his ANC is coming up (the important blood count number) and he is starting to feel better.

He has been laughing and smiling today, and it feels like my little guy has recovered mostly from the chemo- and the other nasty infections that the chemo caused.

Jackson has felt well enough the last few days that we have been busy doing crafts and he has even been out of bed a few times. He still can't leave his room due to the C-Diff infection that he is fighting, but the fact that he is willing to get out of bed makes me so happy.

Today we had a little buddy move into the room next to us. I had met Skyler's mom before, and I told Jackson that there was a little boy his same age moving in next to us. Jackson wanted to get out of bed and wave to Skyler through the window. Jackson stood by the window for a few minutes watching for Skyler but we then realized that we took too long to get out of bed, and that Skyler was already in his room. I guess we'll have to wait another day to meet Skyler.

Even though we didn't get to wave at Skyler, I thought this picture was so cute. It reminds me how tiny he really is- yet he was so happy that he was tall enough to see out the window.

Jackson's pain is under better control now. In fact if Jackson can start eating, and get his pain under control we may be able to come home later this week (I hope I didn't just jinx us).

Hooray for good days and happy children!


  1. I almost stopped by today to visit you guys, since we were up there, but Nesta was cranky. We will have to stop by later this week after out next appointment if you are still up there. Congrats on no fever and small steps toward feeling normal. See Ya All home soon

  2. YAY for no fever. I have loved seeing his smile and out of bed what an amazing little guy. WAY TO GO JACK!!!

  3. This post made me so happy I'm crying. Sometimes it's not so bad to cry.

  4. so glad to hear that he is feeling better and enjoying his days again!

  5. That is the cutest picture! What a sweet little boy. Im sorry our boys werent able to meet each other, one day they will though. I was telling Skyler all about Jackson too and he thought it was so cool that they were the same age. Please tell him hi from me and Skyler!

  6. Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! Hopefully all works out so you all can be home together!


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