Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We appreciate that so many of you want to come and see Jackson at the hospital. Unfortunately we need to limit visitors right now because of his low counts and the infections that he is dealing with.

Please contact us before you visit.

Again, we appreciate that you want to see Jackson, but we are doing our best to keep him healthy. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Nothing is more important than jacksons health. As much as we would love to see him and the family we will wait until the infection works through his body . We love you and know are thoughts are there everyday. Please give him all our love.

  2. We are just dying to come and see him again. Sam misses his buddy so much. However we understand and respect what is going on so we will send him some letters.


Thank you for taking time to comment. I read each and every comment to Jackson and they brighten his spirits. He loves that you are supporting him through reading his blog.