Saturday, July 16, 2011

Middle of the night e-mails

Every other night Brian and I switch shifts at the hospital. One night we spend at the hospital and the next night we get a good nights rest at home with Hailey. This has been working very well- although it has been hard to be apart. During the night things at the hospital are still pretty eventful, and rather than sending texts or calling we send emails to each other... that way the one of us at home can still sleep well, but get the quickest update as soon as we wake up.

The other night when I was at the hospital this is the email I sent to Brian. I sent it at 4:38AM. I think it's kind of funny now, what chaos in the middle of the night!

Man I am getting one one funky sleep schedule. Woke up at 3:40 all by myself then jack woke up at almost 4:00 on the dot. He has to pee.
Hurry mama.
Stand him up and just getting gloves on when he says no, now he has to poo and BAD.

Keep putting gloves on, grab the nose tube syringes and plug that up.

Jack is whining and saying that he can't hold it that he is going to have an accident.

Panic sets in Huge now. Push the nurse call button.

Get the tubes untangled from the nurse call button. Undo his toe pulse ox monitor which is hard because it is dark and I am wearing gloves.

Pick him up and realize I forgot to unplug the IV pole. It is plugged in into two different plugs but didn't notice the low one so I just start pulling the tower into the bathroom.

He is screaming that i am hurting his leg which is probably true because of all of the injection sites from the Neupogen.

Fight the whole way to the bathroom against the cord that is still plugged into the wall.

Finally get his unders pulled down which is difficult because he is all sweaty and I am wearing gloves.

Make it just in time without an accident. Oh no, then he needs the puke bucket.

Hurry as fast as I can into the other room to grab the puke bucket and have to get back and hold the tube in his nose while he throws up so that he doesn't puke it up.

He is sweaty and his hair has fallen out everywhere so now he is covered in sticky sweat and hair. I too am sweaty and covered in his hair.

All the while the pulse ox thing is beeping because I forgot to turn it off and the nurse button is ringing. And Jackson is whining.

Get all of the bathroom business taken care of and almost back into bed and the nurse finally comes in to help. She had been stuck in another room helping another patient.

Get him all settled back in.
More hot packs for his belly.
Suction tubes all hooked back up.
PCA pump pushed to help with the pain.
Toe monitor back on.
Blankets and Toodles all fixed and settled in.
Vital signs taken.

Now almost 44 minutes has passed and he is finally ready to go back to bed.

All of that and I am thankful that I didn't have to unhook the oxygen funnel from his shirt. One more thing to unhook could have made this bathroom break turn into a far longer pit stop involving a full change of sheets and clothes.


  1. Holy Crap!!! Connie. You are such a brave Mama. Dude!!

  2. Wow...puts getting a kid of glass of water in the middle of the night into perspective, doesn't it? I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again: thank you for sharing your story of strength, hope, faith, courage, and LOVE with all of us! With every post, I fall more in love with you and your family and wish there were more I could do to help y'all in this fight!! Hang in there...GO TEAM JACKSON!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Puts the irritation I felt with Keighlee falling out of bed and then wanting to sleep with us last night into perspective. I needed a little humbling :) You are one great, strong and impressive mommy!!

  4. Connie, you make me want to be better. This really puts all of the minor things in our lives in perspective. Thank you for sharing with us. You are amazing & your sweet family is constantly in our prayers.


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