Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slushies, sleeping, and CT scans

Becky here, blogging from Janet's account on behalf of Connie and Brian. We're all on Team Jack.

Jackson is recovering well in the PICU. His cute little nose is swollen and he's tired and groggy. He's already drinking a slushy, though, so things seem to be going well. The nursing staff is taking good care of him. They'll move him to another recovery area of the hospital tomorrow.

The surgeons are pleased with how the surgery went and they're sure they got enough for clear biopsy results (which we expect to get in a week or less). Jack will have another CT scan in the morning to check everything out. They said there will already be a visible difference in the tumor because of what they took for the biopsy.

Connie and Brian will be staying at the hospital tonight, trading off in a hospital provided sleeper-room. Hailey misses her family but is happy to spend the night with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Becky. She's cheering on the team; this message is typed by Hailey with love:
263Klgf./ ddvf 01110211002003ya vd

Translated that means GO TEAM JACK! We love you buddy!


  1. I want a slushy! Good Job buddy!

  2. Hi Jackson, this is your very good friend Meli and Keti.... we love you very very much. I just want to say hi and how are you doing? i cant wait to play with you again very soon! love you! we pray for you everyday! we miss you!

  3. Our family is praying for your whole family and cheering on the "star" Jackson. Love you all, The Spek gang


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