Thursday, June 9, 2011

CT Scan and Surgery

After the MRI we were surprised that Jackson had a CT scan. Because the tumor is in the bone the surgeon wanted to be able to see more so he ordered the CT scan. We could do CT scans every day. A CT scan is easy peasy compared to an MRI.

Jackson did great in the MRI. He watched Charlie Brown. The technician had to stop his movie to do a few extra scans and while he was waiting for the scans he fell asleep in the MRI machine.

After we were done with the scans we were surprised to meet up with Brian's dad in the hallway if the hospital. Jackson seemed excited to see him.

They just took Jackson back into surgery. That sentence makes me hyperventilate a bit. He was afraid. He cried. We cried. They gave him versed to help him calm down but even with that he freaked out.

Dr. Cauldwell was running late so even though Jack is back in surgery they won't start until Dr. Cauldwell gets here.

Our first update will probably he in an hour and a half. At that point they will just be getting started.

This is going to be the longest hour and a half.

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