Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magical Key

Jackson got a package in the mail yesterday from Make-A-Wish. The mailman dropped if off while Jackson was at school, and I was so excited that I opened it before Jackson got home, then repackaged it and let him open it when he got home. Man... it's hard to admit that I couldn't wait. I was SO excited- but after the fact, I'm a bit embarrassed now.

Jackson was so excited to check out the shiny silver key. He loved the little box it came in, and promptly took it up to his bedroom and put it in his special treasure box.

The box had a fancy letter with it. When I read the letter it made me cry. I am starting to think that I cry way too much.

This is what the letter said:

It is our deepest honor to invite you and your family to visit A Wishing Place for the special occasion of making your wish.

Please bring this key with you when you come, for it alone will open the Wishing Room at the top of the Wishing Tower.

We eagerly await your presence.

From this point, our wish granters will come to our home and play a Wishing Quest game with Jackson to help him decide what his wish will be, then after that we get to go to the Wishing Center and Jackson will get to make his wish.

Jackson is so excited to get to make a wish. And we are excited for him to have something to look forward to over the next few months.


  1. I'm going to print out this post, then eat the paper it's printed on. Because I always want it to be a part of me. I'm so excited for Jack's wish to come true! What a fantastic organization! Love you guys!

  2. My neighbor is a "Wish Granter" for the Make A Wish Foundation. What an amazing foundation. It is so incredible they are able to grant wishes to the kids who deserve the universe and more! I am so excited for Jackson. I can't wait to hear what he chooses.


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