Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Radiation

Yesterday was Jackson's first day of radiation. If you ask him how it went, he says "I rocked it". He really did rock it. He went right in, climbed up on the big table and got situated on the bed with the pillow and his mask. I squished his little arm, and said I'd wait for him outside, he said "okay, bye mom!" and that was it.

I waited in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, and then I heard cheering. I knew that he was finished and soon enough he was literally running down the hall, racing out to see me again.

He loves the way his mask turned out, and he loves that he already knows the people at the radiation clinic.

While we were there I took a moment to explain to Jackson that everyone in that building has something in common. Either they know someone who has cancer, or they themselves have cancer. Jackson was excited to know he's not alone. We got lots of curious looks when we were there though, it is very rare for a child to be able to get radiation at that hospital, because most kids cannot lie still enough for the treatment. So for people to see a kid- at that facility- is out of the normal.

We left the hospital and I was so full of pride. I am proud to be Jackson's mom, what a privilege and a blessing.


  1. That is such a cool mask! Way to ROCK IT Jack!

  2. You shocka-locka-ROCKA, Jack! Good work, buddy.

  3. Jackson, you are amazing! Cool mask!

  4. Way to go Jackson! You are such a strong little man. You rocked it!


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