Monday, September 19, 2011

The people at radiation

I have been meeting some of the people at the hospital during Jacksons radiation treatments. We have been for 10 days and every day we see the same faces. The first day I kept to myself, but on the second day my curiosity got the best of me and I had to get to know some of the people.

So far I have met 3 different cancer fighters. Ray- a kind, retired pediatrician who is fighting Prostate Cancer. The puzzle lady- I can't remember her name- she is fighting Breast Cancer for the second time. And then there is Chris and his wife Amy.

Chris is what I would stereo type as the typical "Harley Davidson biker". He is gruff looking, strong looking, and to me he is even a bit intimidating. He is maybe in his 40's, tall, and wears a bandana on his head. He is very macho.

Friday after Jackson and Chris went back for radiation Amy came to introduce herself to me. She handed me a very cool bandana and said that Chris wanted to give it to Jackson. I guess they had overheard me talking to some of the other people in the waiting room about Jackson and how Jackson has a brain tumor.

Over the next few minutes Amy and I talked then Chris came out of the radiation room and I got to talk to him again. We chatted for a few minutes and I learned that Chris also has a brain tumor. Chris said that Jackson is his hero. He said that he has been wallowing in his own self pity but then he saw Jackson. He said that if Jackson can be happy and energetic that he could be happy. He said that watching Jackson has given him hope and courage. He said "watching him makes me think 'I can do this'".

As he told me about how Jackson has helped him I was touched. Then as we drove home I told Jackson how he had helped Chris. I told him that they are "brain tumor buddies" and that Chris thinks Jackson is a hero. As I told Jackson these things I was overwhelmed with emotion. Driving down the road with tears running down my cheeks.

Sadly cancer has become our new 'normal'. Doctor appointments, and radiation appointments are routine. This weekend has brought new tears back to my eyes. I have been reminded how strong my little boy is. He is a giant hero squished into a little body.

What a blessing to have a hero so close to me. He is definitely someone I strive to be more like.


  1. I like Chris. I love Jackson. I think the people at radiation are amazing.

  2. Wow! I'm not surprised though. Jackson is a hero to many people, young and old!

  3. As you wrote about driving down the road and telling Jackson how Chris thinks Jackson is a hero and then how you were overcome with emotion, it reminded me of what your social worker told you: "You can be strong and still cry." So true.

  4. I agree with Becky so ditto to what she said.
    Jack keep being amazing and strong and an inspiration to others you are a superhero!!!


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