Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa's Workshop

The nurses call Jackson's room "Santa's Workshop". I love it. And, it gets more festive by the day. I took a few pictures of things around Jackson's hospital room that make me happy, and I wanted to share them with you.

Jackson's tray table has a secret compartment, and Jackson stores his treasures in there. He reorganizes this several times a day. It makes me happy.

Jackson looks forward to opening his chocolate advent calendar every day. His Grandma June gave it to him, and on most days, that one piece of chocolate is all he eats the entire day. He LOVES it, so it makes me happy.

Jackson has a tiny upside down Christmas tree in his room. We have some decorations on it that my mom brought up for Jackson, but my favorite part is that it is decorated with his Beads of Courage.

Jackson has enjoyed crafts, and he loves making these snowflakes to decorate his room.

Some of Jackson's best buddies made him this beautiful string of paper snowflakes to hang in his room. They make the mirror very festive!

And of course, he has a stocking hanging up.

He made this popsicle stick Christmas tree, and made me write "life flight" on it. It figures that my boy would decorate a Christmas tree with some sort of transportation vehicle. That boy has always loved cars, trains, planes, and anything that has an engine.

The popsicle stick reindeer... notice it has two different colored eyes. The perfectionist in me cringes, but the mom in me tells the perfectionist to shut up- that it is perfect, because Jackson made it.

Window clings placed carefully by a sweet six year old.

Snow flake mobile.

3D Paper snowflake- thanks for YouTube for teaching me this one!

Magnetic advent calendar.

Syringe Christmas lights made by Brian. Each syringe had to be drilled out to fit over the lights. This gets lots of comments from the nurses, and is totally appropriate to be hanging in a hospital room.

Christmas wind socks hanging from the HEPA filter.

Of course, the BMT Birthday sign hung by some more snowflakes.

And what could be more festive than a bright red bag of blood? We love blood transfusions!

And best news ever- Jackson engrafted today! Home on Christmas!


  1. Yay for engraftment and home for Christmas. His room is awesome pictures don't do it justice. I love the syringe lights very fitting for a hospital a lot of work I bet but I am sure Jackson loves them.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed you will be home for Christmas! And those Christmas lights are AWESOME!! Totally appropriate for a hospital room :)

  3. yay! home for christmas! hope we get to see you!

  4. I love the Beads of Courage ornamentation! Seeing so many of them makes me weepy--I hope to be as brave as Jackson someday!


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