Monday, December 5, 2011

Ball Pump

When Jackson came home from the hospital they sent him home on an antibiotic for his infection. The antibiotic he is on is called Vancomycin and it has to be hooked up to his central line and go through his tubes over a 90 minute time period.

We have a home health care company that provides us all of Jackson's IV medicines, central line care supplies as well as NG tube supplies and formula. When we came home, they sent us these 'ball pumps' to administer Jackson's vancomycin.

I think they are really cool, and I like the way they work- so I thought I would show you all.

Basically the pump is about the size of a tennis ball, and the ball is sort of like a balloon that is filled with the antibiotic. Then the ball is hooked up to a tube and the tube can be attached to Jackson's central line. The tube that is attached to the ball has a clamp on it. The clamp starts and stops the pumping of fluid. What happens is as the balloon deflates, it pushes the antibiotic through the tube and into Jackson. There is a flow regulator that only allows the medicine to go through the tube at a certain rate, which administers the drug over a 90 minute period.

It is all very techy and cool.

I was teasing Jackson that I thought it looked like a Christmas ornament...


  1. I remember being hooked up to those, they were my favorite way to receive medicine. I called them spaceballs... They were my little toys.
    Jackson is such a little trooper! Way to go little man!

  2. I love those ball pumps! They are so much easier to carry around and to administer than the pump sky has now. Sky is on vanco too right times. It was so good to see you guys the other day but too bad it was because you had to be back. Love you guys and you are continually in my prayers!


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