Thursday, December 1, 2011

NG Tube

Today Jackson got an NG tube placed. We are hoping to use the NG tube to be able to give him formula instead of the TPN he has been on for the last month or so.

Formula feelings are better for Jackson's liver and his gut (as the nutritionist says). Also, with the NG tube we will have to access his central line less, which hopefully will prevent future infections.

The infection that caused Jackson's fever is in his blood stream so he is septic right now. We are waiting for the antibiotics to kill the infection and then we can go home. Hopefully the NG tube will reduce the possibility of future infections. Because of the Bone Marrow Transplant Jackson basically has zero immune system and even though we have been super careful this is just another precaution that we can take.

Another reason we switched to the NG tube is that the formula is about 1/10 the cost of the TPN.

Placing the NG tube was torture for Jackson. He hates it and is very sensitive about it. About the only thing that has made the tube okay is that his Cancer Fighting Friend Annabelle has an NG tube too.

After he calmed down from the tube placement he was ready to play again. He rode bikes all around the ICS floor and even raced his nurse Jared. Only 20 minutes earlier he was mad at Jared for putting the feeding tube in, but he moves on pretty fast.

Overall not our favorite afternoon, but Jackson taught us this afternoon not to hold a grudge. And he reaffirmed my knowledge that he is one strong boy.

Now we wait for the infection to go away and hope the NG tube is worth all the drama.


  1. I held my sister's hand while she was getting an NG tube placed. That was horrible for her. But, it was worth it in the end. I'm sorry Jackson had to go through that.

  2. So sorry buddy but glad it is over. And so glad you were up riding your wiggle car.can't wait to have you home prayers that it is soon!!!!

  3. poor little guy, those ng are so worth it, but very painful being placed... you are a good kid to be able to forgive and be friends with all the nurses even when they have to cause pain. We love you Jackson, get better soon

  4. That made me cry, but I'm so glad that Jackson and Annabelle can be feeding tube buddies! As weird as it may sound, I wish we were in-patient right now too with you guys so the kids could play together in the halls!


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