Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ANC= 0

Jackson's counts are still at zero. We don't know why they are taking so long to come back up, but we are trying to wait as patiently as possible. I won't lie, it has been a bit rough at times. Sunday in particular was my least favorite day. Sunday Jackson was down right mean. I know that his morale has been down the last several days- he has been stuck in his same room for 12 days now. They won't let him leave his room while his counts are at zero. So, unfortunately he was mean on Sunday, but his attitude has rebounded, and he is back to his happy self most of the time now.

Looking back on this someday, I am sure I will read some entries and cry. I already go back and read about some days and cry. I also want to look back one day and see some of the good. Today we had a good day overall. And although Jackson's counts are down, we got to get out of the room for a little while.

We went this morning down to the Audiology office to get Jackson's hearing tested. He did so great during the test and it was nice to go for a walk. The bad news about his hearing test is that the chemotherapy is starting to damage Jackson's hearing. So far the damage is very minimal, but his ability to hear the upper range of notes has changed, and chances are that the damage is permanent. One day Jackson may need hearing aids- but there are worse things in life.

Today Jackson had Elliot and Joe visit again. Elliot is Jackson's favorite therapy dog, and Jackson just loves snuggling with Elliot on the bed. Joe is Elliot's owner, and we really like Joe too. Joe seems to genuinely care about Jackson, which makes me LOVE Joe. I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who loves my kids.

This afternoon Jackson smiled and laughed more than I have heard in a long time. Erika was our nurse today, and she was so much fun. We did puzzles, and had a little dance party. Then Jackson decided that we should squirt Erika with a syringe full of water. So, we filled up the syringe, and pushed the nurse call button. As soon as she waked in, Jackson ambushed her. It was so funny! Jackson LOVED it! After he got Erika, Jackson decided that it was so much fun that he wanted to squirt more people, so we went out to recruit some nurses, techs and even doctors to squirt.

After Erika got soaked, Jackson squirted Sara. Check out her wet scrub top.

Sara wanted to help Jackson get Dr. Fluchel, but she had to go help another patient, so she called in Lindsey to help in the ambush.

Then Lindsey teamed up with Jackson and they got Dr. Fluchel (one of Jackson's Oncologists).

Through out the afternoon Jackson squirted: Kathleen, Breck, Nancy, Sara, Erika, Dr. Fluchel, Dr. Jack, and Laura. I loved seeing his smile, and hearing his naughty little giggle. Everyone was so nice and reacted so great. The staff at PCMC is really incredible.

Soaking Sara:

Soaking Dr. Jack:

One of the nurses said once that the Oncology unit is a depressing place to be. I would argue that I disagree. I am sure that there are days that are hard, but there are days like today that make the hard days more bearable.

** I REALLY think his counts will be up tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!**


  1. That is awesome, jack you are My new prankster buddy you did great helping me get aunt Becky and today you showed you have so much more of a prankster in you we are so teaming up when you are home. Thinking white blood cells all night we miss you like crazy here.

  2. LOVE that crazy little Jackson is getting all prankster style up there! It's so fun to see him being a typical kid. I'm so glad that the doctors and nurses are so amazing and fun instead of being all cranky and unplayful. Scott, the girls and I are all praying for the white blood cells! As soon as Jack gets home, Tristyn has a treat for all 4 of you! It's sitting in our fridge just waiting...we love you Jack! Yell at those white blood cells and tell them whos boss♥!!

  3. HA HA! Thanks for making Livi's grumpy morning much happier! And what awesome dr's and nurses. Love that they are such good sports! Love you!

  4. That is so awesome. I'm so glad that you can find things to entertain you. I'm also glad to see Jackson getting up to mischief. I was watching you little one in church on Sunday. She has the best facial expressions. I love your family!

  5. Love that!! You guys are so funny! :)

  6. We are praying for you! I am so glad he has been able to find such creative forms of entertainment. What a clever boy!


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