Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Ready

We've been very busy driving to doctors appointments the last few days. I can't believe how many tests they make these little cancer kids go through before they can go in for more chemo.

Jackson is scheduled to start another round of chemo very soon- and go in for his bone marrow transplant. To get ready, Jackson has to go through lots and lots of tests to make sure his little body and mind can handle what's coming up.

This week he has 8 doctor appointments in 5 days. Most of the appointments are tests and scans. He's already had an MRI of his brain and spine. An EKG and Echocardiogram of his heart- some chemo drugs can affect the heart functions. A GFR which is a kidney function test- some of the chemo is extremely harsh on his kidneys, and they want to make sure everything there is holding up okay. An Audiogram test to see if the radiation has already had an effect on his hearing (the audiologist said that he will probably see hearing loss over the next 3-5 years due to the radiation treatments that he had). And last but not least, a Lumbar Puncture or spinal tap to see if the cancer cells have spread to his central nervous system.

So far, we don't really have results from most of the tests. I have faith that all of our prayers that the bad side effects would be minimal will have helped.

Still more tests to come. Jackson has to go through a mental evaluation before he can go in for the next round of chemo. The chemo drugs that they give before bone marrow transplant are super harsh, and it sounds like it's going to be a very tough few months that lie ahead. The mental evaluation test from what I understand will last about 4 hours, and they spread it out between two days.

I have been handling things pretty well lately. Our last two months at home have been heaven on earth... literally. Our home has been so happy, and almost back to our old 'normal'. However, with the approaching hospital stay, and all of the hell that our son has to soon endure, I have been starting to have some anxiety and depression.

Just a few days ago, Jackson came to me crying. He said "I miss being cancer free". Of course I cried with him. I tried to assure him that soon enough he'll be cancer free again. I hate cancer. I still don't understand why this happened to Jackson, but I know we're somehow surviving, and one day, hopefully soon, he'll be cancer free again.

Until then, we'll do what the doctors tell us to do. We'll take the steps, and walk in faith.

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  1. I can't wait for CANCER FREE days, but until then anything any of you need you too Jack I will do my best to get it done. Love you guys.


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