Monday, April 2, 2012

Make-A-Wish.... Granted!

After 5 long months of waiting, Jackson got his wish granted from Make-A-Wish. He got his go kart! He was finally healthy enough and out of the hospital, so he was able to have his big Wish Granting Party.

This windy day brought more joy to Jackson than he has experienced in several long months (perhaps even the last year). Jackson counted down for weeks and weeks until the big day came. Each day as we would get closer to the big day he would cross a day off of the calendar, and we'd talk about his go kart.

I don't mean to brag, but seriously, I think this kid's got some driving talent!

I do feel a bit of anxiety watching my little guy out there on the race track but I figure if he can battle cancer like a champ, he deserves to have a little fun too... right?


  1. Very cool! So good to see you at Hill last Saturday. I tried to find you at lunch to chat for awhile, but didn't see you. Looks like all is well. Jackson looks good as well.

  2. yay! yay! I love those amazing wish-granting people! it looks like it was a great day!


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