Monday, February 6, 2012


What do most kids do when they are inpatient in the hospital? I'm afraid most kids lay in bed for days on end, they get bed sores from living a sedentary lifestyle. They watch TV, countless movies, and play video games. Some kids get so sick that they do nothing but sleep all day, and try to let their little bodies heal. Some kids ride bikes in the hall. Some kids have syringe water fights with their nurses. Some kids drive remote control cars with fart machines taped to them. Some kids make crafts.

We've been on both sides of the fence. Jackson has been that kid that laid in bed, so sick that he slept all day. Jackson has lost leg muscles and lung function because he didn't stay active enough. But thankfully more often than not, Jackson has also been the kid causing nurses to laugh. He has started many, many syringe water fights. He plays bowling, and basketball, he jumps on the bed, and plays hide-n-go seek in his tiny hospital room, and he drives remote control cars.

In fact, last week when Jackson was inpatient he drove his remote control truck over the nurses. Yep, they laid on the floor and allowed my son to drive right over the top of them. He LOVED it! And I thought I'd share it with you.

Not everything about being at the hospital is horrible. Honestly we have come to LOVE the staff on the ICS unit. The staff has been so good to not only Jackson, but our entire family. The ICS unit has become home for us. Honestly, some of the coolest people we know are nurses!!

And, if we have to be stuck inpatient somewhere- there is nowhere else we'd rather be!


  1. We love the ICS staff! They are the best and know how to have a good time. I love the fact that some of them let Jackson drive his RC over them. They were such good sports with Tim's farting RC as well:)

  2. Seriously the coolest nurses on the planet! I hope your stays there are very limited or eliminated from now on :)


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