Thursday, January 5, 2012

He is so wise. Wise far beyond his years. The other day we were leaving the hospital after getting the bad news about his hearing. I had been explaining what our future may hold and Jackson got very quiet in the car. I asked him what he was thinking about and he responded and said: "I don't want to share them." I was confused. I asked him what he didn't want to share and he proceeded to tell me: "I have lots of thoughts Mama, some of them I will share and some I want to keep to myself." I was stunned and baffled by his response. I am brought to tears thinking about his profound statement. He is wise far beyond his six years. Maybe one day he will share his thoughts with me, but for now I am grateful that he will share his wisdom.


  1. What a smart boy you have! I'm going to make his wisdom my new mantra!

  2. He is definitely one of the most remarkable and amazing boys I know. Absolutely love that boy!!!

  3. He is teaching us all more than a few lessons. He is amazing!


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